Boost Your Vaping Experience with the Akso Supa Pro Kit

Boost Your Vaping Experience with the Akso Supa Pro Kit

With the Akso Supa Pro Kit, a ground-breaking gadget that’s creating a stir in the vaping industry, welcome to the future of vaping.

We’ll examine the characteristics, benefits, and special features of this kit in this post, paying close attention to its remarkable 12000 puff capacity.

1.0 Gaining Knowledge of the Akso Supa Pro Kit

It’s important to make a good first impression, and Akso Supa Pro delivers. Together, let’s open the package and see what this kit has to offer.

The act of opening the box creates an anticipation for the contents within, with its elegant appearance and well arranged parts.

1.1 Important characteristics and details

The brand-new offering from AKSO is the Supa Pro Kit 12000 puff. The initial kit set is Akso Suprema Pro. A flavour pod and battery device are included with the beginning kit.
After using the flavour pod to the end, save the battery-operated device. Simply purchase the flavour pod and carry on enjoying your vape.

  • Chip set tech; 12ml e-juice
  • Blue light: unlock and booster (to activate booster mode, push the button).
  • Green and blue lights are locked; press three times to ensure child lock safety.
  • 5 percent nicotine
  • About 20 minutes for charging

1.2 Ergonomics and Design

In addition to usefulness, vaping should be comfortable and stylish. Every time you reach for your device, the Akso Supa Pro’s ergonomic design and attractive appearance promise a pleasurable experience.

They are comfortable to handle and smoke thanks to their ergonomic design.

2.0 Taste Explosion: Pods for the Akso Supa Pro Kit

2.1 A Variety of Flavour Choices

Enter a flavorful world. Akso has a wide variety of pod flavours to suit all tastes. Which one are you going to start like more?

You can choose from 12 distinct flavours when purchasing AKSO SUPA PRO. Taste the Apple Asam Boi, Pineapple Mango, Rootbeer, and Nutty Tobacco tastes.

2.2 Elastic Liquid Quality

It’s important to consider the e-liquid’s quality in addition to flavour. Explore the composition that gives you a joyful blast with every puff.

3.0 Twelve Thousand Puffs of Power

3.1 Examining the Prolonged Vaping Process

You read correctly—12,000 puffs! Does it, however, actually deliver? The longer-lasting vaping experience is attributed to the larger puff.

3.2 Battery Efficiency and Life

The quality of a vaping gadget depends entirely on its battery. The Akso Suprema Pro Kit’s 650mah battery may provide you with a long-lasting vaping experience.

4.0 What Makes Akso Supa Pro Unique

4.1 Technology of Chip Sets

According to, the AKSO SUPA PRO is unique among devices since it comes with a Chip Set System that offers a precise degree of flavour indicator. It has a smooth draw along with a great flavour.

4.2 An easy-to-use interface

It shouldn’t be difficult to vape. The user-friendly UI of Akso Supa Pro caters to both novice and experienced vapers.

4.3 Sturdiness and Lifespan

Purchasing a vaping kit requires dedication. The Akso Supa Pro’s robustness and lifespan guarantee that you will get the most value out of your purchase.

5.0 Location of Akso Supa Pro Kit Purchase

5.1 Options for Online Purchases

The Akso Supa Pro Kit is available for purchase at the best online vape store in Singapore, SG VAPE DELIVERY, an online vape shop, for the convenience of online buyers.

FAQ concerning the Akso Supa Pro Kit

1. How is the Akso Supa Pro Kit charged?

Just attach the gadget and a power source to the included USB wire. When it is completely charged, the LED indicator will sound.

2. Is it possible to reload the e-liquid in the kit?

No, you cannot replenish your e-liquid with the Akso Supa Pro Kit.

3. Which Akso Supa Pro flavour is most popular?

Mango lime, apple asam boi, and nutty tobacco are Akso Supa Pro Kit’s most popular flavours.

4. Does the device have any maintenance tips?

It’s easy to maintain your Akso Supa Pro. When not in use, make sure the device is kept in a cool, dry location and clean the mouthpiece and charging port on a regular basis.


The Akso Supa Pro Kit is a game-changer in the vaping world because it combines functionality, flair, and innovation.

Enjoy vaping to the fullest with the 12000 puff capacity, cutting-edge technologies, and easy-to-use design. The Akso Supa Pro Kit is a great buy for anyone starting out or experienced vaper.

Keep in mind that this is an enhancement to your lifestyle, not just a vaping gadget.

Cheers to your vaping!


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